This residence suffered from an asian beetle infestation. To treat it, we cleaned the wall, covered the entire building with Tyvek, and taped all of the seams with Tyvek tape, before installing the new siding.
Here is another case of nests under the prior siding, in this case, starling nests. We removed the nests, cut out the insulation, reinsulated the walls, covered them with Tyvek paper, and Tyvek taped all the seams before putting on new sidin
 Here we encountered a situation where mud wasps had built a series of nests in the wall cavity. We cut out the nests, reinsulated between the studs with batt insulation, and added 1/2" styrofoam insulation and Tyvek paper to the outside before residing
-This wall provides a classic example of why we recommend removing old siding before installing the new. There was a problem here with the flashing which caused significant water damage. The studs and outside sheathing were rotted and the area was full of mold. We rebuilt the wall, reinsulated it, and put on new sheathing before wrapping the building with Tyvek and putting on the new siding
This was a situation where carpenter ants were causing harm to the building. We called pest control to get rid of the ants. After pest control had successfully eliminated the ants, we reinsulated the building and wrapped it with Tyvek paper while taping the seams with Tyvek tape before putting on new siding.